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Digital Gaming India Expo

Digital gaming is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time of indoor games; only changing its form. Digital gaming has evolved over the years and has become an independent industry with great creative and professional potential.

Today, esports is the most talked about subject in the games industry and the media business alike. Regardless of the status of esports, or professional gaming, in five years from now, the underlying trends are shaping the future of games and digital media as a whole and accelerating the disruption of traditional media. In fact, it is a unique synthesis of six business, technology and consumer trends that, put together, are transforming an evolution into a revolution....more

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Gaming Sections

  • Arcade Games
    Aracade Games
  • Action Games
    Action Games
  • Adventure Games
    Adventure Games
  • Augmented Reality Games
    Augmented Reality Games
  • Casual Games
    Casual Games
  • Card & Casino Games
    Card & Casino Games
  • Puzzle Games
    Puzzle Games
  • Role Playing Games
    Role Playing Games
  • Simulation Games
    Simulation Games
  • Multi Sport Games
    Sports Games
  • Strategy Games
    Strategy Games
  • Virtual Reality Games
    Virtual Reality Games

Event Highlights

  • 4,637
    Trade Visitors
  • 1000
    Conference & Workshop
  • 100
    Conference Speakers
  • 80
    from 13 Countries


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